My name is Diana Smith. I help leaders who feel lost chart the unknown territory of “What’s Next?

Not unlike a tour guide in an exotic location, I help illuminate the path ahead.

Speaking of finding your way…

ABOUT DIANA¬†tells you a bit more about me, my approach, and the adventure that brought me to do this work, for myself and others. If you’d like to work with me, you can also find that here.

On (RE)STORE you’ll find a new and growing list of resources and tools to help you refill the well…so you lead from a place of fullness.

Diving into the BLOG you’ll go beneath the surface and explore how to stay connected to your Core, plus hear stories from myself and others who are practicing a life integration with our values. (You’ll also find I often use goofy metaphors to talk around it… because some things can’t be wrapped in neat little words.)

Stick around and explore a little.

(If you don’t know where to start, try this. It’s timely!)

I’m glad you’re here.