4 Month Growth Engagement

4 Month Growth Engagement


You can  have lasting time, money, and energy from your business.

Give me 4 months to show you how.

On the surface, the 4 Month Growth Engagement is an intensive blend of personalized coaching and practical business advice to catapult you and your business forward.

Behind the scenes, I become your personal business coach and strategist. I take a deep interest in your business, apply my expert eyes and diverse experience to the inner workings of your venture, and together we make it hum.

It’s part strategy, part personal accountability. We frame a style and rhythm of work that helps you manage yourself better, so you discover more energy, enjoyment, and satisfaction in the work you do daily.

The result is more time, money, and meaning for both you and your business.

I’m amazed at all I accomplish working with Diana. I’m now out of the minutia AND I’ve just experienced my most profitable month in 8 years of business — after just 4 months working together. I don’t know what I’d do without Diana’s guidance.

~ Rita Zamora, Founder of Rita Zamora Connections

How Our Partnership Works

We begin with a Core Clarity Session so we both know your personal non-negotiables for life and business. We set clear and measurable goals against feel-good timelines, and jump into an easy rhythm of meetings, including: 

  • (2) one-hour, structured meetings per month for (you got it) 4 months
  • A brilliant recap email after each meeting. My clients say this is a favorite!
  • Easy and Ongoing Access to my brain. I’m available by phone, text, email, or Skype whenever you  need support, encouragement, perspective, or brainstorming.
  • Launchpad Meeting. We take a quick glance back at the end of our engagement to review progress, and set goals for the next 4 months — whether you sign on with me again or not.

What You Can Expect

Our meetings are strategic, practical, personal, high-impact and future-focused nourishment for you. I keep them easy, clear, and intensely progressive. We also laugh a  lot, because it’s a lot of fun finding your freedom.

I give you everything I’ve got: knowledge, know-how, and resources (there’s a lot). My job is empower you to move ahead in all your natural brilliance, and when you’re ready, to get out of the way.

The strategies I have developed with Diana guide my internal roadmap and help me better communicate with and identify my ideal client. I’m setting myself apart, creating healthy boundaries, making the money I want to, and finding joy!

~ Emily Davis, Emily Davis Consulting

Diana took me from a place of dreaming and vision to a place of reality… She has been a crucial element to the success of my business, and our work has truly enhanced my personal life in ways that no other could.

~ Sid McGregor, PostMay Productions

For over 20 years I have had my Organizational Development hands under the hood of companies of all shapes and sizes, helping them redesign and rejuvenate their operations from the inside out to create lasting, energized businesses and people that work at their highest, best, and happiest.

So that I can give you my full attention, I have chosen to work with only 6 clients at a time.

Before we commit to a 4 Month Engagement, we start with a Core Clarity Session ($500) to cull your essentials for the journey and see if we’re a right fit.

I am ready to see you and your business thrive. Are you?

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