Core Clarity Session

I finally see the way ahead.

We all want to make a move. Sometimes a big move.

When we can’t see the way, it infects everything. (And then nothing moves.)  When it feels like there’s another version of us wanting to get out, there usually is.

Core Clarity is the trailhead: the first step towards alignment with our Values in our work, lives, and leadership.

This is clarity. Not therapy.

When we’re the parent of all of our relationships, we don’t have the option to not know who we are.

For 8 years the Core Clarity Session has helped hundreds of leaders across an array of fields get clear on what gets them moving, what’s non-negotiable for their next steps, and who they are at the core.

When we meet, I personally guide you through the Core Clarity Session:

  1. Inquire: You’re guided through a series of creative questions, some to get to know yourself better, some to stretch your thinking.
  2. Listen: I listen with you for answers that are true to your personal and unique hard-wiring.
  3. Strategy: We form a plan to apply your Core directly to your life and work now. Because unless it’s actionable, it can never be real.

And the session goes quickly. Like 2 hours quickly.


A shift happened. My level of confidence went up.  My level of enthusiasm went up.  And I realized what opportunities are right in front of me.

Holy shit! It is almost unbelievable how much value can be packed into a single session!  I walked away with tremendous clarity around how I work best and how I can bring the greatest value to my clients. It will guide the actions I take in my business from here on out.

You can live and work in alignment with who you are.

We begin the moment you click “Sign me up.” You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions help me get to know you better, then I’ll reach out personally to schedule our session at a convenient time for you. (Sessions are currently booked about 2-4 weeks in advance.)

The investment for Core Clarity is $750, and lasts a lifetime.

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I felt safe exploring unfamiliar ideas and bumbling with my thoughts, and was extremely impressed with Diana’s ability to bring the loose threads of our conversation together. I feel absolutely showered with insight and momentum after our session.

The best part was realizing that I can bring all of my gifts to the table and know how to listen to my own inner voice.

Core Clarity lights me up like nothing else. In regards to my business I’m feeling there was everything that happened BC, “Before Core,” and now everything as it will happen post BC. Game changer.

*If you’d like to get clear and have accountability in action, Core Clarity is included in all 4-month one/one Elevationist engagements. Learn more by contacting Diana directly.
You no longer have to wait to bring your True Values to life.

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