It’s time. (A mini-manifesto)

It's time. (A mini-manifesto)

It’s time. You’ve got this.

I woke up the other day [literally] mind-full of conversations I’ve had recently with ambitious business owners: People striving to make a difference in their world and their business, with big ideas and just enough resources to urge them to follow them. All of them facing blockades. All of them determined to surmount them. All of them wondering how to balance the workload of today, and still achieve them. Here is what I sat down to remind them… and you:

You’ve got this. More than you know.

It’s time to step up and beyond your own limitations (which actually, aren’t that big). 

They’re big in your mind, and that is the greatest height you have to scale.

In reality– in this moment– you have all you need to succeed at (what appears to be) the massive effort which every fiber within you is crying out to do and be a part of.

Your heart is wise. Follow it.

And simply begin at the beginning: with what you have now.

It’s enough.

Take stock. Actually make a list of what you’ve got.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have (we’ll find the way to get it shortly). Start with what you do have, and work out from there.

Look at your list: What’s your favorite thing on it?

Wield it like a sword against your shame, your fear, your trepidation, your timidity or hesitations or doubts.

Slash through them… with joy (I dare you!). Have fun with this thing. (Fun, by the way, can be a great guide to the concrete and sure resources you need.)

Have fun, and be aware: of yourself.

You have what it takes.

And, you have needs which you can’t fill, of course. That is because the beauty of business ownership is in the others who have what you need (in spades), and their willingness to share.

You are not in this alone.

(Actually, you can’t be.)

Open your arms wide to the strange ways in which resources will come to you, because they are all around you.

“Conspiring universe” or not, they will help you.

But you must be strong, and resolute, and persistent. Not in the “work” or the day-to-day (though that goes a long, long way)…

But in yourself: Bring yourself to the business table, boldness and all.

Questions and all.

And bring your honesty about it is you really want to do. There’s something important to that desire. Something concrete. Follow it.

Pursue it. 

And just see what might happen when you do.

Hold it lightly, because it might change right before your eyes. (And, it will be less frightening to hold that way.)

Lean on the people who love you (and, love them back).

Ask for help, in the right ways.

Trust by trusting yourself first. 

Pause to think before you make a leap. (Is this the direction you really want to go?)

Then run at it. Go.

And then call me from the other side. We’ll keep you moving.