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I’m Diana Smith. For 20 years I’ve helped individuals and organizations grow in alignment with their values.

I engage leaders to help them double the metrics that define the ultimate success for them. From income to productivity, satisfaction to soul — I partner with leaders who want to elevate themselves, their companies, and their communities to the greater heights they know are possible.



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Elevated Organizations : The Center and Source of Growth

Companies on the front lines of their field don’t have time to spin their wheels in ambiguity.

I believe you don’t have to. The Core is already there, after all.

For nearly two decades I’ve guided companies across an array of industries through a simple and quick process that brings clarity and cohesion to their deepest identity questions.

The process is simple:

  1. Reflect / Refine : Gather what you already know to define your indelible Core.
  2. Reimagine / Redesign :  Soulfully reestablish the lines between past, future, and present realities.
  3. Reengage : Strategically bring your Core to life in the practicalities, systems, and tactics of your business.

When your organization is aligned at it’s Core, your employees are happier, your systems work for you, and together you make a better difference in the lives you seek to change (including your own!).

If you think we’d be a good fit, email me and we’ll start with a cup of coffee.

Elevated Leadership : The Commencement of your Fullest Self

For entrepreneurs, there is no either/or — Life and business are always both/and.

I have guided hundreds of entrepreneurs through a process that works to bring wholeness and integration to their lives and work.

At your desired pace, guided by your values, we walk through Five Elements of Authentic Growth, blending reflection and action:

  • Restoration
  • Reflection
  • Reimagination
  • Reengagement
  • Revitalization

Yes, I do love alliterations! “Re” is also purposefully titled here, because good coaching shouldn’t only show you what to see; it should train you how to see. As we walk through each element, we create and equip you with the personalized tools and strategies you need to revisit these elements, anytime, in your own way.

“I finally feel like I’m running towards life — not the other way around.” 
“It’s given me a frame of reference and freedom from conventionality; I have a way to foster happiness over time.”
“In our planning meetings, I’m still using the tools we developed, three years later.
I love how relevant it all continues to be.”


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