My Story


My Story

I was always highly adaptable and über effective at designing processes to help small organizations run better.

So good in fact, that I processed myself right out of every job I ever had.

Youth counseling to film/media production, project management to nonprofit fundraising — by the time I was 30 I had worked in over 20 positions across 7 different industries.

For many years I was called lost. Confused. Wanderlustly non-committal. The truth was that I was creative, resourceful, multi-passionate, and damn good at what I did. I actually finished the jobs I was hired for.

Once I landed a position, I’d rework operations, cover all the bases to work without me, get promoted, rework the next system, design myself out again — and repeat — until I either  burned out or hit my ceiling and had to move on. 

It had its rewards. I left a solid trail of staff and leaders working at their highest, best, and happiest, which in turn resulted (on average) in a 35-40% increase in the company’s capacity or bottom line. And I did it fast — in about two years each time.

But since it wasn’t my business it meant every two years I had to find a new job. Which meant every two years I lost a paycheck. And after more than a decade of the “work myself out” cycle, I became tired.  Soul tired.


I was saving every vacation day and dollar I could, to do what I loved most: travel, explore the world, and connect with the good people in it. In what became my last job ever (did you know angels sing every time someone says “my last job ever?”), everything changed when I met a woman in Kenya named Jane.

In one fell swoop (and over the course of just a few years), Jane completely altered her life, health, spirit, finances, family, and community — all through her self-made business.

Having traveled to 14 countries across 6 continents, I was passionate about finding solutions to poverty. But it was in that conversation that I first saw the real potential for business to elevate people from poverty — including my own special flavor of it.

Inspired by her story, in 2010 I decided the only way I could do what I did best, without wearing myself out, was to start my own business. Now feel free to laugh, because we all know nothing can wear a soul out like running your own business.

And I was no exception. Within the first three months of self-employment I intimately learned:

Two Inalienable Business Truths:


1 I had to build the business around what I did most naturally, if I was going to maintain the energy to run it and grow it. Everything I did had to start from the Core, for me as the owner to be sustainable.

2It wasn’t a real business until it was running (at least in part) apart from my massive and singular effort.

Even I, Ms. Jane of All Trades, couldn’t do everything my business needed me to in order for it to make the kind of money I wanted. And though I’d always lived simply (still do), and money has never been a motivator (impact has), I realized that to be a part of the changes I want to see in the world, I needed to make a lot more money to do it… and have the personal energy left to do it with.

To do that, just like I had done as an employee (seriously how crazy is that),  I had to work myself out of the system I had created. 

And so do you.

It’s ok if you don’t want to change the world (though I bet you want to change someone’s world).

If  you want true time, money, and freedom in your business, you have to work yourself out of the system. But first, you have to do YOU well, and build a system around yourself the rest of the business can follow. That’s what I’m here to help you do.

Elevate YOU  in your business, so you can elevate your business.


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