Diana is the best investment anyone could make in their business.

Rehan Hasan, Corporate/Business Law and Venture Capital Fund Formation



Holy shit! It is almost unbelievable how much value Diana can pack into a single Core Clarity Session!  I walked away with tremendous clarity around how I work best and how I can bring the greatest value to my clients.  My work with Diana will guide the actions I take in my business from here on out.

Diana is an incredibly compassionate listener.  I felt safe exploring unfamiliar ideas and bumbling with my thoughts, and I was extremely impressed with Diana’s ability to bring the loose threads of our conversation together!

Lea Moreau, Brand Consultant and Identity Agent


I’m amazed at all I accomplish working with Diana. Ours is the most productive, impactful, and meaningful work I’ve ever done, and it never feels heavy — in fact it revives my energy! It’s the stuff that really matters, to me and my business.

I’m now out of the minutia AND I’ve just experienced my most profitable month in 8 years of business — after just four months working together. I don’t know what I’d do without Diana’s guidance.

Rita Zamora, Rita Zamora Connections, Social media marketing and training for dental professionals


LaurelJustice-elevationistDiana has the swiftest discernment of anyone I know in the coaching industry.  That gift, combined with her boundless exuberance to see her clients flourish in every way possible, make her a joy to work with.  She guides, celebrates and elevates the process to a level of professionalism and FUN that is irresistible!

Laurel Justice, Artist and Psychotherapist


EmilyDavis-elevationistI’ve worked in philanthropy for nearly 20 years and always never really took time to think about my business the way I thought about the business of my nonprofit clients. It was uncomfortable for me to be self-promotional, think of myself as a brand, or even make the money I wanted to.

Diana’s invaluable guidance inspires me to celebrate my unique, fun, and professional approach to nonprofit and philanthropic consulting.

The strategies I have developed with Diana guide my internal roadmap and help me better communicate with and identify my ideal client. I’m setting myself apart, creating healthy boundaries, making the money I want to, and finding joy!

Emily Davis, Emily Davis Consulting, Consultant, speaker, author, and trainer to nonprofit associations and leaders


SidMcGregor-elevationistI have a running joke with Diana:

I don’t know what you did– but it worked.”

Just one year ago I was dreaming of working solely on international projects, even moving and basing my entire business out of Kenya. Diana took me from a place of dreaming and vision to a place of reality. Now, exactly one year later, the dream is reality and I am living and working in Kenya. She has been a crucial element to the success of my business, and our work has truly enhanced my personal life in ways that no other could.

Sid McGregor, PostMay Productions, International corporate and documentary filmmaker


MikeWiesner-elevationistIts been an amazing experience to work with Diana, she takes you on a journey through your own ideas to get you to the core of what you want to do and find clarity in your vision.

When I was really struggling with whether or not I wanted to make the leap and start my own business, it was Diana that helped me sort out my fears from my dreams. She embodies a “both/and” philosophy, is constantly asking, “Why not?” or, “Why can’t you do everything that you want?”

I quickly understood why you need someone like this helping helping your business. She doesn’t just help you over the hurdles, she helps you demolish them.

Mike Wiesner, Consultant to international organizations eradicating poverty through entrepreneurship and market-based solutions.


JessicaBachus-elevationistWorking with Diana was one of the best things I could do not only for my business but myself. She has the ability to help you learn more about yourself and what you want out of life and the future of your business. She is a beam of light that brightens the world and I am a better person for having her in my life.

Jessica Bachus, Dolls for Daughters, Providing Gift-wrapped smiles and gifts to low-income children at Christmas


AndreaCostatine-elevationistIn my Core Clarity Session with Diana, I was shocked and surprised by what came out of it. I gained new insight and understanding on the things that matter most to me in my life and my business, leaving me with a renewed sense of commitment and direction to create lasting change in the world.

Diana’s unique ability to draw out the essence of my life was truly remarkable. I highly recommend a session for those seeking clarity and insight on a certain aspect of their life/business.

What I’m most walking away with is a clear understanding of what’s a non-negotiable for me going forward, to me, that’s priceless.

Andrea Costantine, The Institute for Compassionate Leadership and CommUnity Talk TV


roybecker-elevationistI have known Diana for almost two years. As a presenter and trainer myself, I appreciate that she’s not only a skilled and dynamic speaker and facilitator–she’s a caring one. In both large and small group settings she easily and quickly adapts to any situation and always uses relevant and engaging illustrations from her own personal experience.

I’ve greatly benefited from her leadership to help move my own business forward, and I look forward to continued work with her.

Roy Becker, Roy Becker Seminars, Incoterm Specialist and Import/Export Trainer for international business


AngelaYost-elevationistDiana easily hears what is needed even before I know that I’m saying it.  Consistently she has provided creative ideas that make me slap my forehead in wonder of how I didn’t think of that!  The best ideas and coaching come from really listening to what is needed–and Diana is an expert.

Angela Yost, Threads Worldwide, Creating sustainable income worldwide through fair trade jewelry



JohnReeb-elevationistDiana is an amazing and highly energetic person!

What struck me when I first met her is how she obviously cares about other people.  You immediately realize that she wants to help you succeed in whatever your chosen field.

She has great insight into business processes and you’ll be amazed at the different experiences she brings to the table. In facilitating group sessions Diana does a superb job of drawing out what’s most important and keeping discussions focused, yet allowing for creativity.

Once you have that first coffee with Diana, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to meet her!

John Reeb, PhD, MBA, Colorado Leadership Institute, Leadership and management training for IT businesses