Reinventing Mondays

Reinventing Mondays

What would it be like… to reinvent Mondays?

What would it be like to enjoy Monday?

Not dread that it was Monday.
Or forget that it was Monday.
Or even see Monday as no different from other days,

But to enjoy Monday?

What would it be like to look at your calendar
And not just see enjoyable things on it–but to enjoy looking at your calendar?

What would it be like to enjoy the work of your hands?
Not suffer it. Not promote it. Not refine it. Not sell it.
But just enjoy it?

To enjoy getting your hands deep in the soil of your craft?

Maybe that’s the Great Secret God lets us play to discover:
That toil is toil,
And that we must work.
But that deep in the soil of toil there is
Great reward
Just in the doing.


Months ago I was speaking with someone on a Sunday, who was complaining the next day was Monday. Being an entrepreneur I got to pondering (and waxing a bit poetic), remembering how I used to hate Mondays too, and wondering: had Mondays really changed for me as a business owner?

With business-guiding values in mind (enjoyment being the most fun, and most challenging one on my list), the above musings spilled out as I journaled that night.

What would it be like….?

It’s a fab question because as business owners we make Mondays whatever they are. Whatever is on our calendars — whatever makes us cringe or leap for joy — is there because we have said yes to it. We not only create our business; we create the ways in which we relate to it. We create Mondays. We make them what we like, intentionally or not.  We have the choice, and the ability.

I stumbled upon the above ramble a week ago, and since then have come back to it a few times, each time finding my own perspective stretched a little further. Work in my mind was never something I could enjoy. “Work is work” — right? Enjoyment isn’t part of the “working” gig. Even when I set out to create my business, it wasn’t for enjoyment; it was for necessity. I didn’t believe enjoyment could be woven into my business. It’s only been in the past year that I’ve learned this important lesson: Enjoyment is a necessity.

And so I’ve started rearranging my business to fit life — not the other way around. It’s a practice. Because creating a business that I enjoy from the inside out is a whole new (fabulous) past-life-plundering concept that will take a while to sink in. Like an irrigation drip system for a garden: saturation through baby steps. En-joy. En-joy. En-joy.

Playing with words

This past week I led a workshop on using values as actual tools in our business. After the workshop I read the above again and replaced “enjoy” with some of the guiding values attendees came up with in the workshop. And it totally… clicked.

Getting a little creative with grammar and imagining words as verbs, check out what happens when you put my friend Sarah’s guiding value of strength, or Jeff’s value of purpose,  or  your own value in place of enjoy:

What would it be like to strengthen Mondays?

To see purposeful things on your calendar?

What would it be like to embolden / free / vitalize  the work of your hands?

What would it be like…?

Maybe the Great Secret is that we actually get to discover… what it would be like.

Photo by Moi.

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