The sign you’re ready: to take a leap

The sign you're ready: to take a leap

How you know you’re ready to take a leap:


It’s when the voice urging you to do the thing you need/want to do  gets so tiresome, that you quit it, throw it down, toss it up, bail out, or stop listening… and go do it.

So perhaps…

You’re working in a faith-based organization, and feel it’s time to go do your faith.

Maybe you’re fed up with making money for all those good and noble purposes, and are ready to go spend that money on noble purposes.

Perhaps your dreams of France are so painfully unfulfilled that it’s time for you to just go to France.

Business is going great, but you’re ready to do something different — something which feeds your soul…

You’ll know it when you get tired of talking about it.

That’s the sign you’re ready: You’re already on your way.


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