When you feel you’ve got sooo far to go. (Still.)

When you feel you've got sooo far to go. (Still.)

“Are we still not there… yet??”

When we feel like we’ve got so far yet to go towards our goals or dreams (and in reality — do) — one of the best things we can do is remind ourselves of all that we have done.

Now, this is not smushy warm and fuzzy inspirational stuff.

(Though, it will feel good.)

This has a business purpose.


1. Because we have accomplished a lot, we have traveled far, and we have achieved something great — already. The number one way we steer ourselves wrong is when we lose sight of Now, and get lost in our fears.  (Now includes what we’ve done already.)

2. Because we have to talk about what we have accomplished — confidently.

We are the best spokesperson for our business.  The moment we lose confidence in ourselves and/or our business, that lack of assurance oozes out of our pores, and we panic. It isn’t the death knell in our relationships or success, but people will smell it on us almost instantly. That apathy is contagious. Passion, or love for what we do (even when the business is pestiferous) is also contagious. That’s what we want to spread.

To get re-passionate about this thing, we have to recall what we know to be true:

What we need to know for ourselves, and what others need to know to catch what we’re doing. 

And usually what we need to know for ourselves is not information. It’s feeling.

It’s emotion. Am I making an impact? Does this have meaning? Am I / is this business / are we making a difference? Is this right? Do I feel good about this work?  

(P.S. Values can help answer these questions.)

Excitement, anticipation, optimism, hope, determination — this is what gets us moving.

(Ironic, isn’t it? That the constant movement of business is what stresses us out, but we flip out when it stops? Yeah, we are crazy. It’s still better than having a boss that’s not us.)

Three things to help us feel our momentum… (because, it is there):

Meet someone new.
The entire groove of our day can alter when we meet one person who who looks at our website / service / product / brain, and wows over what we do.

A lovely woman I met via email sent me a note saying she was blown away when she looked at my website. (“BLOWN” in all caps.) It positively made my day (because damn, I’ve worked hard on that thing), and though it seemed small, it was just what I needed to write a blog post about it… (ahem)… which in turn got me moving on everything else that day.

Meet someone old (as in, someone who “knew you when”).
Grab coffee, wait for the moment they ask you what you’ve been up to, then sit in blissful absorption as they marvel at how far you’ve come. It will look something like this:

Person: “So, what about [this old thing you used to do]?”

You: “Oh, ____ happened, and we _____, so we’re not doing that anymore. This [better thing] is really rolling, so all of our focus is there now. And because it aligns with our value of ___, it’s energizing me too.”

And that is how you create a moving train people want to catch.

Get to work.
Do what fuels you. Not what restores (aka rest — which you probably can’t get anyway), but the piece of your work that gives you energy back every time you do it, no matter what level of Grump you are today. Create something. Redesign something. Pick up the phone and call someone to offer them free advice, if giving advice is what fuels you…

Making an impact here and now on the people right in front of you will show you — you are moving forward. 

You are improving. With every moment.

And the fuel that fuels you, will fuel the wisdom, energy, and vigor you need to take this business to the next step.


Photo: the lovely drive along Highway 285 in southwest-ish Colorado.

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