The myth of qualifications (and, why you’re not a fraud)

The myth of qualifications (and, why you're not a fraud)

You have all the qualifications you need. Here’s why.

It’s like a guitar.

Don’t play?  Here’s a little ditty: I bought a guitar when I was 23. When people ask how long I played, I can verifiably say, “Twelve years” (before I sold it to pay the rent when I started my business).  But in reality, I played (maybe) a grand total of 30 hours in that decade, and anyone who has played every day for three years could (would) crush me.

It’s the same in business.

No really, it is.

If you’ve been doing what you can do — and approaching it intentionally, as well as performing it successfully — then you have all the qualifications and experience you need to make the case (to yourself, and others) that you have what it takes.

Because you’ve already done it.

And you can stand proudly on that. It’s enough. You’re enough. Remember that.

We don’t have to prove it.

We just have to play.

Business owners who do quality work will at some point ask the question: Do I have what it takes? Am I a fraud?

It’s usually when we are called to do what we do for a higher level of customer. And, because we have succeeded with someone else. The equation makes us think we now have something to prove because it hasn’t been proven before. But most times, it already has.

A little exercise to prove it… to yourself:

The people we have succeeded with in the past have certain qualities — conditions, facets, elements or components of the situation or problem our business solves — that makes them uniquely suited to benefit from us. We can think about:

  • What is the core of their need, behind the symptoms?
  • What do they (personally) care about?
  • How do they feel about their need — and about the other solutions out there?
  • Who is are their ideal clients? What do their businesses have in common? What are their values?

Take a good hard look at the qualities and conditions that are hallmarks of the people you have served. Because if your next “bigger” client has them too, you know you can deliver.

Our right customers will have all the assurance they need when we show up, and simply show them.

When we play. So give them a taste. Pick up your version of a guitar, and play them a song.

You know how to do this.

You’ve got this.


Photo: my young cousin Ila playing, and inspiring.

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