You are now free… to rest.

You are now free... to rest.

The ebb of energy we can’t circumnavigate. (The one to pay attention to.)

There’s a kind of energy we can cultivate. Mental, emotional, passionate or interest-propelled energy. Our values can help us access it. Our attention can help us plan for it. Time management tools can help timing, and we can even build our business systems to leverage it for (surprisingly) measurable financial results.

But there’s a part of our business-owner energy that is 100% natural and only refilled… from rest.

Sometimes we’re tired because our work-life is off kilter, or something is cutting against the grain of who we are.

Sometimes we’re just tired because… we’re tired.

There is a very good reason why the sun goes down at night, and rises again with the morning. Because nature needs to rest. In wintertime and after catastrophes, it needs to rest even more.

So do we.

It can take years for a mountain to recover after a fire. We’re resilient beings and though we may not need years, when we have been through our own personal fires and tests, it means we are going to need more rest. We don’t need sleep studies or apps to tell us: when we go through a traumatic experience, big shifts, or monumental changes, we’re going to need more sleep.

And guess what entrepreneurship is.

It’s turbulent. It’s ever-changing. It takes our constant (sometimes erratic) more-than-usual exertion and superbly keen attention. We are operating at a heightened state, almost every minute. We all know how this goes: when our heads won’t stop thinking about business, even when it’s a Saturday night and we’re out with friends, or snuggled in with family at home and a good movie.

Even if it’s a slow drip, we are giving energy to our business — all the time.

It doesn’t stop, until we make it stop.

Productivity hacks, health tips, work/life balance blogs, articles from “experts” who built entrepreneurial empires while living stunningly healthy personal lives —  all great.  

But sometimes we don’t need another system, or to ask what needs fixing.

Sometimes we just need a nap.

To physically,  mentally shut our whole selves (genius, talent, passion and all) down.

To go to bed early. To sleep in late. 

If either of these options drew an audible “Ohh, that sounds good,” from you just now, it’s probably a sign you need it. Give it a try (and sleep tight!)

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