You are now free… to surprise yourself

You are now free... to surprise yourself

Trapeze moments.
In business (as in life) we’re going to have a lot of them.

The moment we must let go of the rung we are on, in order to grab the next one.

I might be the next business opportunity. The next phase of growth. The new relationship, or the new idea we’ve tested and proven and which is now asking us to make the choice: Will we leave the safe/standard place we’ve grown comfortable with in order to go someplace greater… perhaps even be greater people?

I actually went trapeze flying recently. (Oh yes I did.) And I can speak from first-hand experience:

It’s surprising.

I wasn’t as frightened as I imagined I would be. The most frightening part was not the jump off the platform. My greatest doubts had nothing to do with the extreme height, or the integrity of the bar, or of falling.

My concerns had everything to do with myself: Can I do this? Do I have what it physically takes?

(Another surprise: I wasn’t alone. My friend Wendy — who could kick my ass in anything — had the same fear.)

My greatest fear was the climb up. There is a good, sturdy and reinforced ladder. Didn’t matter. There is a harness holding you the entire way up. Still didn’t matter. Just getting there was the most frightening part. Once I was there, I was all excitement and anticipation, and… (get this) confidence. I knew I had it. Bring that bar on. Let’s do this. After my first bounce off the platform, it was forever after addictive, and exhilarating fun.  (I was also sore for an entire week. Still so totally worth it.)

For me.

For others, the leap was the hard part. Or letting go of the bar to hold it by your legs (mm-hm, we did that). Reaching out to grab the next trapeze artist, or seeing that great expanse of space between you and the ground and knowing you have no choice now: you have to do this. The tired muscles. The drink you chose to toast to your accomplishment afterwards….

Each facet was a different experience for each of us. But we all did it.

And we all surprised ourselves.

There’s no difference: doing business will push us to do things we never thought possible. It will show us new abilities we never knew were there. We will have the “oh shit” moments, and the “I got this” moments.

(P.S. It helps to have a safety net first.)

After that, we can feel free to surprise ourselves — with ourselves.